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I raised all the money I need for my training but you can help support someone else that wants to be a crisis counselor! ›

This is what my IMALIVE volunteer profile looks like. Suicide is very real and it affects people everyday. My training costs $250 so IMALIVE set this site up so volunteers could get people to sponsor their training. Any contribution would help and if you don’t have money a simple reblog would help me get this around tumblr to someone that can make a donation. Clicking on this picture will take you to my actual profile where you can make a donation if you wish. Thank you for supporting such a great cause with me!

Happy TWLOHA Day!

Depression is real. Suicide does happen. You can help end the pain. RIP Adam and Chris.

1-800-273-8255 is the national suicide prevention lifeline. Don’t lose hope.

Statistics don’t lie.

I’ve now lost 2 friends to drunk driving and 2 friends to suicide. I hope that helps anyone that reads my blog to understand why I feel so strongly about looking out for each other and not taking our own lives for granted. If you have a problem with alcohol or substance abuse or you’re just depressed PLEASE TELL SOMEONE! I might not know you but I love you and I would help in any way that I can. The truth is that whether you believe it or not you have people around you that love you. Take advantage of it and tell the people you love that you love them. Never be too busy to help someone and smile often because your attitude is contagious.